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Its purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to learn all about the history of kava in Australia. Moreover, we are here to give give you appropriate guidance on:

Also, for the uninitiated in particular, it will pay you to know how to avoid buying poor quality kava and/or paying too much for it.

Kava in Australia - Which are the most popular kava varieties?

Frankly, when you are looking for kava in Australia, you have got a lot of options.

In fact, there are over ninety kava vendors in Australia, all claiming various unique characteristics. So, how do you go about choosing which one is right for you? Well, the easiest way to summarise is to look at the Country of Origin. For instance, at this stage, vendors are selling kava from either:

  • Vanuatu – The ancestral home of kava, famous for more euphoric type kava varieties, or
  • Fiji – BULA!! Fiji kava is famous around the world, particularly the waka variety which is famous for its heavy body effect, or
  • TongaRenowned for a more micro and enthusiastic approach to kava (i.e., not as commercial). Their Moana Premium kava is especially nice to drink. Commonly considered a blend of Fiji and Vanuatu in its effectiveness, or
  • Solomon Islands – Borogu originally taken from Vanuatu by missionaries and given to the Solomon Islands as a welcome gift. Normally a little rough around the edges, but still only noble kava. That’s because there are no wild kava varieties in the Solomon Islands.
Kava in Australia

The first thing for you to consider is your preferred method of consumption. That is, do you want to brew it yourself traditionally or, make an instant kava in 10 seconds?

Traditional Brew – Standard Kava Powder

If you prefer to prepare your own kava traditionally, any of the standard kava powders from the above countries are suitable. However, if you are going to prepare traditional kava powder, we highly recommend using a kava straining bag. That’s because these will help maximise the strength of your kava brew.

Instant Kava – Ready in 10 seconds

For many folk who wish to drink kava in Australia, the growing preference is for Instant Kava. Instant kava is available for kava drinkers who do not wish to spend 10 minutes preparing kava in the traditional manner. Moreover, true Instant Kava is made from dehydrated green kava juice, is soluble and can be prepared in 10 seconds. This makes it great for preparing kava cocktail and smoothies as well (check out these kava recipes)

If you wish to go with the Instant kava option, then only purchase Instant Kava from Vanuatu. Notably, there are presently no Fijian producers of aqueous kava extract Instant kava. By the way, instant kava that is purely micronised kava root is not instant kava and is not effective.

Why is Kava a useful supplement?

Kava is renowned for its relaxing qualities and as an alcohol alternative social tonic. There are other health benefits attributed to kava. However, the Australian Government does not allow promotion of kava using health or medicinal attributes. As the saying goes….”Do your own research”.

Kava Drink

Where can you get kava in Australia?

Mostly online at this stage. There are almost one hundred vendors, however finding the ones with quality product is easy. Simply check to see if they offer either of the following:

If they do not offer the above, do not take the risk in purchasing and inferior product that could make you sick.

Kava Vendor

What kinds of kava are legal in Australia?

All kava types are legal in Australia*. Unfortunately, that is a problem! This means inferior non-noble kava known as Tu-Dei kava can be imported. Tu-dei kava is not safe to drink. So, it’s called “Tu-Dei” kava because whilst the initial effects are pleasant, they invariably cause the user to be sick for a day or two after drinking it.


There are many ways to consume this beneficial herb in Australia. However, before you decide to drink kava in Australia, proceed with caution and do not jump at the cheapest product available. Look for reputable vendors who have already built a reputation for only selling quality kava. When you do purchase kava in Australia, take the time to enjoy it with some friends as a true social tonic.

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