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The Australia Kava Bar Scene

Kava bars in Australia are a relatively new thing. Since Australia began their phase 2 kava trial (January, 2022), slowly but surely kava bars are opening around Australia. The kava bar  scene is very much in its infant stage, in fact so small that to date there are only two in Queensland. However much like 20 years ago in the USA, these kava pioneers are taking the first steps into in a kava bar scene that will be a much larger scene in a few years’ time. The first commercial kava bar opened in the USA in 2000. Twenty-two years later there are over 240 kava bars throughout the US and more opening every month.

Let’s take a look at how these Australian kavatrenenaurs are busting down the door for kava bars in Australia

Elixir Kava Bar – Cairns

Address: Level 1/92 Abbott St, Cairns City QLD 4870

Phone:  0497 119 956

Looking for a new and exciting spot to unwind in Cairns? Look no further than Elixir Kava Bar! This tropical-themed bar is perfect for anyone craving a laid-back atmosphere and a taste of authentic Pacific Island drinks.
Elixir sources their high-quality kava from Australia Kava Shop, ensuring customers get only the best blends from Vanuatu and Fiji. Whether you’re a seasoned kava drinker or a first-timer, Elixir’s extensive menu has something for everyone, from mellow relaxation to more intense, stress-reducing varieties.
But it’s not just about the kava: Elixir Kava Bar also features live music performances, a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. The decor is straight out of a tropical paradise, complete with leafy plants, Tiki masks, and a thatched bar.
This bar offers the perfect chance to connect with others in the community, with the sociable culture of Pacific Island kava bars imported right into Cairns. Whether you’re coming in for a night out with friends or looking to unwind after a long day, Elixir Kava Bar is just the spot. So come on down, grab a shell, and see what all the fuss is about!
Kava Bar

Kava Bar – Slacks Creek


Phone:  0481 785 227

In a quiet area of Slacks Creek, the discerning kava drinker can find Queensland’s first fully fledged kava bar. Called simply “Kava Bar” it has been operating since May 2022. The proprietor Ned and his wife established the kava bar for kava drinkers in the area to be able to enjoy a few shells. They have a comfortable chill-out area as well as a pool table and a large screen TV to catch the footy on. Board games and Chess are available for the kava drinkers who like to flex their brains after a few shells. The Kava Bar has a distinct Fiji vibe and is an excellent place to go to meet new people and enjoy the Fiji Kava vibe.

Kava Bar A
Kava Bar B

The kava served is a nice traditional root blend of Lewena and Waka. The kava culture here is very much Fiji style, so expect large Tanoa bowls servings of moderate strength kava, designed to have you nicely chilled throughout your time there.

Kava Bar C

The Kava Bar has already built up a strong local following. When we visited a steady stream of locals stopped in. Some stayed on for kava, others grabbed takeaway kava and other also grabbed some of their delicious butter chicken (available on request).

If you are in the area, we highly recommend you stop in and enjoy a shell and the Fijian Kava Culture.

Blacston Wear – Kava Bar on demand!

Address: 3/60 Vulture Street West End, Brisbane

Phone: 0449 524 244

Smack bang in the centre of Brisbane’s counterculture hub West End, is Blacston Wear . Owned by Alfred Quai, it is a fashion label and retail outlet. However, they also sell kava powder and even better, they also prepare Vanuatu kava juice on demand.

Kava bars in Australia - Blacston

Alfred makes his kava juice in Vanuatu fashion. This means it is very strong compared to Fiji kava juice. It also means you need to be conservative in the amount you drink. When we stopped in, Alfred had prepared some Borogu kava into a rich and strong juice. Sitting out the front of the store drinking from the Tanoa was an excellent experience and highly recommended for a non-alcoholic wind down at the end of the day.

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