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What Is Tongan Kava and Kava’s role in Tongan society and culture?

Kava Tonga

Tongan Kava is a variety of kava that has been grown and processed in Tonga, an island country that’s located northeast of Fiji and west of Samoa. The kava plant is part of the pepper family, and it originated in the Pacific Islands.

Kava, also known as ‘ava in Tonga, is a traditional drink that has played an important role in the culture and history of Tongan society. According to legend, the first kava plant was a gift from the gods to the Tongan people. It was believed that the spirits of the ancestors watched over kava drinking ceremonies, and thus, it was considered a sacred beverage that connected people to their ancestors. In Tongan society, kava is still highly valued and is an important part of social and cultural events.

In Tongan culture, drinking kava is considered a sign of respect and hospitality. It is often served during occasions such as weddings, funerals, and official meetings. The preparation and serving of kava is also a ritualistic process that involves the use of a ceremonial bowl called a tanoa and a special straining cloth called a fau. During the ceremony, a kava maker or “tangata ‘ava” would pound the kava root into a fine powder. This would then be mixed with water and strained into the tanoa. The group would then gather around the tanoa to drink from coconut shells while reciting traditional chants and sharing stories. Today, kava is still an important part of Tongan cultural identity, representing tradition, community, and respect for ancestors.

Can You Buy Tongan Kava in Australia

Yes, you can buy Tongan kava in Australia under the Australian Government Phase 2 kava trial.

In fact, there are many ways to buy Tongan kava in Australia. You can:

Order it online from a reputable source

✅ Find a local distributor who will sell it to you

✅ Go directly to a Pacific Island focused store in your area.

Order it online

Australia Kava Shop offers a wide variety of kava products, including authentic Tongan kava. Their Tongan kava is of high quality and sourced directly from the islands of Tonga. Their lead Tonga Kava product is Moana Premium, which is made using noble kava cultivars and prepared in the traditional way. Buying Tongan kava from Australia Kava Shop gives customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of kava in a convenient and hassle-free way.

It is important to understand that not all Tongan Kava products are equal and not all Tonga kava vendors have the same commitment to quality. Australia Kava Shop has forged a partnership with Moana Kava Plantation, a renowned kava producer in Tonga. This collaboration ensures that Australia Kava Shop can provide customers with high-quality Tongan kava. Moana Kava Plantation is known for its meticulous approach to kava production, focusing on exporting only below-ground kava root material rather than including above-ground plant material. This dedication to maintaining the purity and potency of their kava aligns with Australia Kava Shop’s commitment to sourcing and offering the best kava products to their customers. Through this partnership, Australia Kava Shop can provide their customers with Moana Premium Tongan Kava, a product that embodies the authentic taste and potent effects of Tongan kava.

The collaboration between Australia Kava Shop and Moana Kava Plantation is a testament to both companies’ shared commitment to delivering the finest Tongan kava to consumers. Moana Kava Plantation’s expertise in kava production and exporting ensures that the kava sourced by Australia Kava Shop is of the highest quality. The partnership contributes to the sustainability and growth of kava from Tonga, supporting local farmers and preserving the cultural significance of this traditional beverage. With their combined efforts, Australia Kava Shop and Moana Kava Plantation allow customers to experience the unique and euphoric qualities of Tongan kava, exemplifying the exceptional taste and cultural richness of this storied beverage.

Buying Tongan kava online from Australia Kava Shop is a great option for those who do not have access to kava in their local area. They offer fast and reliable shipping to customers all over Australia, ensuring that customers receive their kava products in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, their products are priced competitively, making kava accessible to a wider range of people.

Find a local distributor.

The Tonga Island community have imported lots of Tongan kava into Australia since the start of the Phase 2 Kava trial. In fact, as per the below graph Tongan kava is the largest amount of kava imported into Australia since the start of the Phase 2 Kava trial.

Moana Graph

It is important to know that whilst there is lots of good quality kava Tongan kava in these communities, there is also plenty that has been imported to suit a price point. This means that overall quality suffers, and reports of above ground plant material used in Tongan products found on Facebook and Gumtree are not uncommon.

Go to a Pacific Island-focused store!

Palm Pacific

Track down a Pacific Island-focused store in your area. The largest one in Sydney is Palms Pacific SuperMarket.

Palms Pacific was started by Norm more than 20 years ago as a local grocery store for the local Pacific Island and New Zealand community. Over time they have grown and introduced many new products imported directly from Tonga, including kava.

Unfortunately, some of the kava produce found here is imported at a price point, which means that the overall quality is diminished.

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