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Kava Vendors in Australia

There are many online kava vendors in Australia. Some of the online kava vendors offer discounts on bulk orders, free shipping, and cash on delivery if the order is above a certain value. Overall, with the advent of online shopping, buying Kava has now become very easy for people in Australia.

Australia Kava Shop

Australia Kava Shop is the leading supplier of kava in Australia. Having a traceable history in the kava space is something most vendors are unable to do. However, the key player at Australia Kava Shop, Cameron McLeod, has been involved in kava for over 15 years. You should check out their video here as it’s an interesting story.

Anyway, they pride themselves on only stocking certified noble kava that has also been third party microbial tested. Their range of products include noble kava varieties from both Vanuatu and Fiji. They also sell aqueous extract Instant kava made in Vanuatu out of fresh green kava juice.

El Manaro Kava

El Manaro Nakamal was established in 2010 by Abel Nako. His vision was to provide a local nakamal in Port Vila with village atmosphere. So, his nakamal was located in an expansive garden environment with plants he collected from all around Vanuatu.

Abel’s son Aaron has expanded the business to include online kava sales in Australia with their website El Manaro Kava. Their kava range includes traditional kava and instant kava made from green kava juice.

Their focus on quality product and service has made them one of the top kava vendors around.

Aaron Nako is a fantastic proponent of kava culture in Vanuatu and has produced some excellent music kava video clips.

My Kava Hut

Kava vendors in Australia
Herbie Henderson three in from the left

My Kava Hut was established by Herbie and Selena Henderson whose family has long lineage to Santo Island in Vanuatu. So it was that the first years of Herbie’s life were spent in Espiritu-Santo, Vanuatu. Later, after completing part of his schooling there, Herbie moved back to the Sunshine Coast.

Herbie’s love for Vanuatu grew and after meeting Selena, they decided to experience the South Pacific. Consequently, they moved to Vanuatu together where they welcomed their first child.

While living in Vanuatu, Herbie worked for his family’s business while Selena enjoyed raising their young son and experiencing all what Vanuatu had to offer. On weekends, you would often find them snorkeling, fishing or swimming at Champagne Beach. Alternatively, they could be found far up into the peak of the Island, meeting local Ni-Vanuatu families.

Herbie’s commitment to Vanuatu included him playing in the inaugural Rugby League Test against Greece in 2012.

My Kava Hut specialises in kava from Santo Island with their range exclusively including kava powder from their region. 

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